Customer’s success is the success of the Company.

«BF Logistics» is a new generation company, which is constantly working on its’ development. We have chosen a priority for the introduction of advanced technologies for warehouse cargo handling, cargo transportation, customs and brokerage services, information technologies improvement, development and compliance with quality management modern standards. The development strategy of «BF Logistics» is aimed at continuous improvement of the integrated management system using innovative modern technologies, expanding the range of logistics services, and constant work on optimizing business processes.


The company forms complex solutions for the Client’s business process with flexible pricing policy. A solid professional team adheres to modern standards in the implementation of its’ activities:

  • We provide the Company’s employees with optimal conditions for efficient work and professional growth;
  • We provide a full range of top quality logistics services and accompany the development of our Clients business;
  • Thoroughly develop logistic solutions that allows you to meet the needs of the client;
  • We adhere to the correct attitude to legislation, moral standards, public principles and trust in the business environment.


The main task for the Company development is to gain and maintain the full our Clients confidence by providing them high quality services based on their needs and constant analysis of their satisfaction. Thanks to the optimal conditions creation for effective work, the formation of comprehensive proposals for the logistics services provision to our customers, and the organization of a reliable logistics component based on the standards of the quality system, gives us the opportunity to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of services.


The company believes that the goal-oriented striving to achieve development goals is in the interests of all stakeholders – Customers, Employees, Partners. Reliability and quality of services of our Company is ensured by:

  • A team of professionals,
  • Innovative technologies,
  • Modern quality standards,
  • Risks for non-standard solutions of the Client analysis and calculation,
  • Speed in deciding,
  • Defending the interests of the client – an investment in long-term fruitful cooperation.


The company «BF Logistics» takes a proactive stance in the service quality development, which is based on the satisfaction of our Clients requirements and needs. High-quality services are the basis of our Company’s activities, which guarantee us the opportunity to be constantly in demand in the Ukrainian market, which contribute to achieving leadership positions in the market for the comprehensive logistics services provision. The Company’s goal in terms of quality is to obtain and maintain the full confidence of our customers. By providing services, we determine their quality based on the needs of the Client and his satisfaction analysis, based on the standards of the quality system that enables us to measure the service effectiveness and efficiency.


«BF Logistics» is a well-coordinated team consisting of professionals who work for the Client day-and-night. Our corporate values:

  • Quality service High standards,
  • A team of employees, who are focused on the result,
  • Positive reputation among the company’s customers,
  • Professional development and improvement.

All the Company employees form strong and mutually beneficial relations with Colleagues, Partners and the company Clients. Thanks to a responsible approach to work, we provide not just services, but complex high-quality solutions that contribute to your business development. The «BF Logistics» goal is to make cooperation with us beneficial for all the parties.