«BF Logistics» LLC has more than 20,000 m2 of class A warehouses that are regularly tested for technical conditions.

«BF Logistics» provides such services as:

  • Oversized cargo Storage;
  • Goods Shelf storage;
  • Accounting of goods is carried out in the accounting units of the Client;
  • Formation of orders on the principle of rotation first came, first left (First In First Out);
  • Verification of accounting systems and commodity balances, and shelf life of goods;
  • Repacking of goods and its’ marking;
  • Sampling for necessary research.

Consignment storage

Consignment storage – is a business transaction that is carried out by a legal entity and foresees the transfer under other storage agreements to another legal entity without the right of use, with the subsequent return of such material values ​​without changes in qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

After drawing up the storage contract, the company accepts the “alien” product and undertakes to bear full responsibility both for the storage of the product itself and the safety of its’ quality characteristics.

Such storage of goods helps the company to save funds, while not sacrificing the quality of the goods.

There are a number of advantages of custody services:

  • Payment solely on the area that takes the goods
  • 24 hour security
  • Product Insurance
  • Optimization of handling costs
  • There is no need to rent warehouse space and the organization of work of personnel.

Warehouses with temperature modes compliance

In the goods cellarage with the temperature maintenance is divided into separate chambers, ranging from 250 to 800 pallets. Maintenance, depending on the requirements for maintaining temperature regimes in the range from + 6 °С to + 12 °С.

Additional services

The company has the opportunity to organize the following services for you:

  • Goods Sorting and Packaging;
  • Complete set of gift sets;
  • Promotional kits Formation;
  • Pasting and / or marking.

Goods fumigation

Fumigation is a method of pest control by completely filling the volume with gas-like pesticides (fumigants) that poison.

Before unloading, warehouse staff conduct a visual inspection of the goods for their integrity, signs of pests, insects / moths, or signs of their activity.

In case of suspicion of detection of insects / moths, fumigation of the goods is carried out after agreement with the client on the cost of these services. Fumigation is performed by a specialized company with the necessary equipment and compliance with all safety regulations. To reduce the cost of a fumigant, we equip a frame for the required quantity of goods.

The company continuously monitors pests in the warehouse. Drafted contracts with specialized services and companies to conduct regular preventive pest control.

These works give you the opportunity to be confident about the integrity and quality of your product.

Safety and security

Cellarages and territory are under professional protection twenty-four-hour. All rooms are equipped with video surveillance, automatic fire extinguishing, air conditioning and lighting. The complex has access control and automatic cargo accounting.

Our areas

Commercial warehouse area: more than 20,000 m2

  • Restricted area for storing valuable goods 200 m2;
  • Floor covering: smooth concrete floor with anti dust coating;
  • The ventilation system and air conditioning provides high-quality ventilation of the entire warehouse.

What is a custom clearance

Customs clearance is a set of specific procedures and actions related to the goods movement across the Ukraine customs border, depending on the selected mode.

What are the difficulties – it all depends on the type of mode selected:

  • Import;
  • Export;
  • Re-export;
  • Reimport;
  • Temporary import / export;
  • Transit.

For each of the regimes there are different procedures, rules and a list of necessary permits for tariff and non-tariff regulation.

Why a customs broker

During customs clearance, it is necessary to take everything into account, because the customs clearance process can be stopped by customs if errors in the customs declaration or irregularities in foreign economic activity documents or permits are found. All this leads to additional costs that fall on the foreign trade subject.

In order not to fall into such situations, the subjects of foreign economic activity use the services of companies – customs brokers who are experts in this field.

Offering the services of a customs broker, we guarantee quality service because:

  • Qualified customs clearance agents who have many years of experience in working with customs authorities ensure the provision of quality services and overcome any difficulties in the first place taking into account and defending the interests of our clients;
  • Registration of a wide range of the nomenclature of goods in all groups according to FEA HS code, in any modes;
  • We carry out in-depth analysis of documents with prior consultation of clients;
  • We quickly and efficiently carry out our work on customs clearance, with the maximum quality and on time;
  • We obtain permits that are associated with customs clearance;
  • A flexible and individual approach in pricing is developed for each client;
  • The presence of its’ own customs warehouse, which is equipped with racks;
  • The customs warehouse usage allows minimizing customer costs that arise in the process of customs clearance.

Consent documents procurance

Depending on the product code during customs clearance, it is necessary to have permits issued by regulatory authorities:

  • COFC
  • Conformity with Technical Regulations Declaration
  • The metrological service Conclusions
  • Ministry of Health Care Permits
  • Phyto hygienic certificate
  • Health Inspection Services Conclusions, etc.

If it is necessary to obtain these documents, we prepare all the necessary package of documents and obtain these documents to Customers.

Cargo execution

We provide a full range of services for goods customs clearance throughout Ukraine:

  • Declaration of goods throughout Ukraine;
  • Cargo clearance according to the selected mode;
  • Cargo clearance on the ATA Carnet System;
  • Obtaining the necessary permits;
  • Obtaining a financial guarantee to ensure the customs duties payment, obtaining a financial guarantee to ensure these customs duties payment.

Customs clearance of cargoes is carried out by a professional team that has a high qualified level, which is confirmed by qualification certificates, theoretical knowledge, design features and practical experience.

Consultation on FEA matters

We provide professional advice on foreign economic general issues activity of the enterprise, on the selection of the optimal customs regime, non-tariff regulation, the calculation of the necessary customs duties and on the violation of customs legislation.

You can ask a question to our specialists for information regarding the customs clearance specifics of your goods, or cooperation, the cost of our services via the tab «ASK QUESTION».

Customs warehouse

Customs warehouse is the customs regime, according to which foreign or Ukrainian goods are stored under customs control with conditional full exemption from taxation by customs payments and without using non-tariff regulation measures of foreign economic activity.

The advantages of placing goods in a customs warehouse, mandatory customs payments are not paid, with the permission of the customs authorities are allowed:

  • crushing a batch of goods. For example, a subject of foreign economic activity when importing a large consignment of goods onto the Ukraine territory, and subsequently placing it at a customs warehouse, has the opportunity to take goods out of this composition into free circulation in small lots, which allows it to form a consignment of goods in the quantity necessary for sale to the final consumer at a given point in time, with mandatory customs payments being paid at customs clearance from the formed consignment of goods;
  • marking the goods, for example, if the goods are imported into the Ukraine territory without marking labels, designed in accordance with the requirements of national legislation;
  • taking samples for examination in order to obtain the necessary expert opinions, permits (for example, a certificate of conformity) or determine the product code according to FEA HS code.

Class "A" warehouses

1. Our areas

The our customs warehouse area is 1800 m2. We equipped it with humidity and temperature control systems for high-quality storage of your goods. On the territory there is an equipped parking lot, the warehouse is provided with necessary equipment for quick unloading of loading your goods.

2. Our certificates

Shipping logistics

Shipping logistics is the transportation of goods management, changing the location of wealth with the use of vehicles.
Shipping logistics is one of the main logistic functions associated with the products and services transfer with logical operations and functions. Thus, thanks to transport, the logistic process of production (it is transformed into a single technological chain), transport becomes an integral part of a single transport and production process.

Shipping logistics aim

The main shipping logistics aim is to ensure consistency in the transport complex of vehicle parameters, the use of a unified transportation technology without overloading and the market conditions study as well as the construction of a flexible tariff system.

The main purpose of transport logistics is to minimize the cost of transportation, and delivery of goods just in time.

Shipping kinds

Kinds of shipping depend on the type of transport, how they are performed and are divided into:

  • By Railway;
  • By Automotive / Car;
  • By Inland waterways (river);
  • By the Sea;
  • By Air.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is one of the property insurance types, which aims to protect your cargo from various risks in the process of their transportation from the consignor to the consignee.

The object of insurance is the cargo that is transported or temporarily deposited by the carrier. Cargo insurance is valid from the moment the cargo is collected from the sender until the moment it is delivered to its’ destination.

Cargo insurance is an effective tool for financial protection of the client and a guarantee of fulfilling our obligations to counterparties under any circumstances.

We offer cargo insurance services to all our clients.

Why our services

Our company is an experienced and stable partner who will provide international and regional transportation in the required time frame with the optimal cost. We offer professional assistance in organizing and managing logistics processes. You need to deliver the goods to the production premises or pick up the goods from the suppliers by road, sea or air transport «BF Logistics» will easily help you.

Use our company services for freight and get quality service in any way convenient for you:

  • Fill out a simple form on our website, and get complete information regarding transportation;
  • To draw up a contract, send an email to trans@bfl.com.ua of company information and information regarding the carriage of cargo.

Our advantages

The company forms complex solutions for the Client’s business process with flexible pricing policy. A solid professional team adheres to modern standards in the implementation of its’ activities:

  • We provide the Company’s employees with optimal conditions for efficient work and professional growth;
  • We provide a full range of top quality logistics services and accompany the development of our Clients business;
  • Thoroughly develop logistic solutions that allows you to meet the needs of the client;
  • We adhere to the correct attitude to legislation, moral standards, public principles and trust in the business environment.
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